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Terms and Conditions

  1. MetroConnect by Hillsbus is an on-demand transport business operated by Hillsbus Co Pty Ltd (ACN 116 171 469) (‘Hillsbus’).
  2. The following Terms and Conditions (the ‘Terms’) govern the use of the MetroConnect services, the MetroConnect website (‘the Website’) and the associated application (‘the App’).
  3. From time to time, Hillsbus may need to amend these Terms. At any time, the latest version of these Terms will be available from the Website at
  4. By accepting these Terms, or by using the Website, App or MetroConnect services, you agree to accept the Terms and the associated Privacy Policy (provided on the MetroConnect website).

Booking of services

  1. Bookings for the MetroConnect service can be made through the MetroConnect App.
  2. Customers can call the Hillsbus MetroConnect team on (02) 8889-7050 Monday to Friday during operating hours (6:00am – 9:00pm). This is a customer service enquires line and does not allow for telephone bookings or payment.
  3. All customers will be required to establish a MetroConnect account. This will occur at the point of installing the App, or when making the first booking.
  4. To establish a MetroConnect account, Hillsbus will collect customers’ personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and privacy laws. The Privacy Policy can be viewed at
  5. Personal information (information or an opinion about passengers), collected from passengers, such as name, date of birth, contact details, or sensitive personal information (including information about mobility/accessibility requirements) (together Personal Information) collected by MetroConnect may be disclosed to Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW).TfNSW may disclose such Personal Information to other Australian government agencies. These government agencies may use Personal Information for any purpose relating to the exercise of their government functions. Such Personal Information may also be disclosed to other third parties if required by law.TfNSW may also use passengers contact details to conduct surveys relating to the provision of the service provided by MetroConnect.

    By using these services provided by MetroConnect, passengers consent to the collection, use and disclosure of their Personal Information in the manner outlined above.

  1. By establishing a MetroConnect account, you consent to Hillsbus contacting you via text or email in relation to provision of MetroConnect services. Hillsbus will not send you promotional material or advertising via text or email without your express consent.
  2. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the details registered to their MetroConnect account are kept updated (including contact and payment details).
  3. Payment will occur via accepted credit or debit card.
  4. Payments made via the App will be directed to a third-party service provider for processing, subject to the third party’s privacy policy ( Customers’ credit/debit card details will not be retained by Hillsbus.
  5. Accepted credit and debit cards are Visa and MasterCard.
  6. The App is available for download from our website or alternatively from the Google Play and the Apple App Store.
  7. The App requires an active internet connection, for which the customer will be responsible for any incurred costs and data charges.
  8. When downloading the MetroConnect App from a third-party platform, it is your responsibility to review the relevant third-party conditions of use and privacy policies.
  9. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that other persons do not access their MetroConnect account.
  10. Hillsbus cannot guarantee:
    1. the fitness for a particular purpose of the MetroConnect services or the use of the Website or App;
    2. that the Website or the App are free from defects or viruses; or
    3. that the Website and the App will be error free; or
    4. the accuracy or currency of any images shown on the Website or the App (including images provided by Google Maps or other third parties).
  11. From time to time, the Website and the App may be unavailable due to maintenance or repair requirements. Where possible, Hillsbus will provide you with advance warning of scheduled maintenance of the App or Website and will use reasonable endeavours to ensure the disruption is minimised. Hillsbus will not be responsible for any loss incurred by customers as a result of:
    1. the unavailability of the App or Website;
    2. use of the App or Website; or
    3. any defects or virus transmitted to the customer’s computer equipment in accessing the App or Website.
  12. From time to time, Hillsbus may require upgrades be installed in respect of the App.
  13. Hillsbus prohibits the linking of the App or Website from third party websites.
  14. The App has been designed for use solely in Australia and Hillsbus does not accept responsibility for compliance with laws or other requirements in any other country.
  15. To use the MetroConnect service you must have a valid booking. A valid booking is a booking for which you have received confirmation boarding pass through the App.
  16. When boarding the MetroConnect service the customer will be required to present a valid booking pass number displayed on an electronic device, or by quoting a booking boarding number or the last 4 digits of the mobile phone number used to make the booking.
  17. The MetroConnect service facilitates multiple passenger bookings to be made in a single transaction (subject to availability). The customer is responsible for selecting the correct number of passengers when making the booking.
  18. A booking will only be validated where capacity exists on the bus. In the event that there is no available capacity for the customer’s selected journey, an alternate time will be suggested. Hillsbus does not guarantee availability for all requested journeys.
  19. Assistance animals are welcome on board the service.
  20. Passengers will not be provided with a specific designated seat on the bus.
  21. Passengers must not place any part of their body outside the vehicle while the vehicle is moving.
  22. All services are wheelchair accessible, however there is only a single space available on each bus. The App includes a selection option to reserve a wheelchair space. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the wheelchair selection is made at the time of booking to ensure that the necessary space is available on the service.
  23. Passengers will be picked-up and set-down only at the stops designated in the App or the service map provided on the website.
  24. MetroConnect services cannot be waved, hailed or flagged down. All bookings must be made in advance and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are ready are the MetroConnect pick up point at the designated time.
  25. Children are permitted to use MetroConnect services and it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the child. There are no child restraints on the bus and small children must sit on the lap of their parent / guardian.
  26. Use of MetroConnect services is at the customer’s own risk. We encourage customers to consider carefully whether the MetroConnect services will meet their requirements.
  27. While Hillsbus will endeavour to ensure services operate reliably and punctually, there may be circumstances where MetroConnect services are delayed or cancelled. Hillsbus will not be held responsible for any costs incurred by a customer as a result of cancelled or delayed services, including providing compensation for the cost of alternative travel arrangements, including without limitation, for any failure to meet a subsequent journey on any form of transport.
  28. Customers may carry small hand luggage items on board (subject to vehicle capacity) however oversized items including suitcases and bicycles are not permitted. Customers are solely responsible for all baggage brought on board MetroConnect services and Hillsbus will not be held responsible for loss, theft, or damage to baggage or personal effects.
  29. It is a condition of carriage that no food or alcohol is consumed on MetroConnect services, and the services are strictly non-smoking. Hillsbus requires customers to respect their fellow passengers and not use offensive language or behaviour while on MetroConnect services.
  30. Hillsbus may charge customers an additional amount for cleaning or repair of the vehicle, where damage or soiling is caused by the customer.
  31. Hillsbus may refuse carriage to customers, or remove passengers from its vehicle if, in the opinion of Hillsbus, the person:
    1. appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol to such a level that they may pose a threat to themselves, to others or to property;
    2. is objectionable, violent, aggressive, disorderly or unruly towards other persons;
    3. is causing discomfort or offence to other persons, including passengers;
    4. brings on baggage that may put the safety of the vehicle or the safety or health of any person in the vehicle in danger or at risk;
    5. breaks any law; or
    6. disobeys any reasonable instruction of the driver of the MetroConnect service.

Payment and pricing

  1. All fares are payable to Hillsbus.
  2. MetroConnect fares may change from time to time. The currently applicable fares will be advertised on the MetroConnect website. MetroConnect services operate under a single and dual zone fare structure, as advertised on the MetroConnect website.
  3. The fare is valid for a single trip and is not determined by the number of bus stops or kilometres travelled.
  4. Concession fares are available for MetroConnect services.
  5. Bookings may be cancelled by the customer without incurring any cost up until the time of travel. If a cancellation is made, customers must do so in the App to ensure they are not recorded as a ‘No Show’ and their card is not charged.
  6. No refund will be provided to the customer in the event that they are not at the confirmed collection point at the confirmed collection time.
  7. Hillsbus may refuse carriage to customers that are unable to demonstrate payment of the required fare.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

  1. Hillsbus retains exclusive ownership of all intellectual property associated with the MetroConnect App, the Website and the MetroConnect Services, including images, trademarks, photographs and text.
  2. Reproduction, modification, publishing, displaying, transmitting and selling of the content included on the Website and App is prohibited.


  1. The use of the Website, App and MetroConnect services is at your own risk.
  2. You agree that Hillsbus and its related parties, together with their directors, officers, employees, suppliers, volunteers, and agents will not be responsible for any losses or expenses, and to release Hillsbus from any responsibility arising from and against any claims, actions and liabilities, that arise from or in connection with:
    1. the use of the App, the Website or MetroConnect services;
    2. your breach of any of these Terms;
    3. violation of the rights of any third parties, including providers and other users; and
    4. use of information (provided such use is in accordance with our Privacy Policy and these Terms).
  3. In any event, Hillsbus’s liability will not exceed the fare paid for use of the service.

Contact us

  1. Hillsbus welcomes your feedback and encourages customers to suggest ways we can improve our services.  If you have feedback or a complaint regarding MetroConnect services, or have a lost property query, please contact us by phone on (02) 8889 7050 or email us on

General Provisions

  1. These Terms will be governed by the laws of New South Wales.
  2. In the event any provision of these Terms are invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision will be ineffective and may be severed from the Terms without invalidating the remainder of the provisions of these Terms.